“Air Battlespace Training Centre

Thursday 1st February 2018

Lecture Starts at 6.00 pm
Post-Lecture Reception at 7.30 pm

Speaker: Air Cdre Al Seymour, Commandant, Air Warfare Centre, RAF

Location: Churchill College, Wolfson Hall, Storey’s Way, Cambridge CB3 0DS.
NOTE: Parking is available all along Churchill Road and in the main car park at the end of that road. Please register in advance if you require Disabled Parking by Contacting membership@cambridgeraes.info

Lecture Synopsis
The Air Battlespace Training Centre at Royal Air Force Waddington, Lincolnshire, is an RAF training facility that is used jointly by RAF and British Army personnel.  Our speaker, Air Commodore Al Seymour, is the Commandant of the neighbouring Air Warfare Centre and has very close links to the facility.

It provides a means of allowing air, land and sea crews an opportunity to take part in a simulated conflict, surrounded by the controls and displays they would have in their own aircraft, vehicles and ships, with comprehensive communications for sharing information and developing the teamwork needed for effective co-operation and action.

Participants for a typical air exercise might include the RAF’s Typhoon pilots and Sentry mission crews, a Royal Navy Type 45’s ops room, and several US tactical aircrews from various platforms. The setting would be a fictional, but contemporary, scenario that gave tactical problems to solve for the participating aircrews, such as Rules Of Engagement, weapon delivery and intelligence sensor employment.