Sir Arthur Marshall Lectures

The Sir Arthur Marshall lectures were inaugurated in 2001 as the Cambridge Branch prestige event.

Previous lectures, dates, speakers and venues are as follows:

First – 8th February 2001   Royal Air Force Flying Training into the 21st Century
Air Vice-Marshal Ian Corbett, Air Officer Training, HQ P&T Command. CUED

Second – 14th February 2002   Future Trends in Commercial Aircraft Enhancements
Robert Avery, President Boeing airplane Services, Seattle. CUED

Third – 13th February 2003   The Rise and Rise of the Low Cost Airlines
Ray Webster, Chief Executive, EasyJet. CUED

Fourth – 12th February 2004   The Air War in Iraq
Air Marshal Glenn Torpy, Deputy C-in-C Strike Command. CUED

Fifth – 17th February 2005   The Airbus A380
Dr Gareth Williams, Airbus UK. Churchill College

Sixth – 16th February 2006   Where Does Space Exploration Go from Here?
Dr Mike Healy, Director of Earth Observation, Navigation & Science, Astrium UK.
Churchill College

Seventh – 8th February 2007   Airport Management & Growth – The View from BAA
Terry Morgan, Managing Director, Stansted Airport. Churchill College

Eighth – 17th February 2008   Air Power – A Return to Expeditionary Capability
Air Chief Marshal Sir Peter Squire, Chairman, Board of Trustees, Imperial War Museum.
Imperial War Museum Duxford

Ninth – 19th February 2009   Helicopters at the Horizon – Nemesis or Novelty
Sir Brian Burridge, Vice President Strategic Marketing, Finmeccanica UK Ltd.
Churchill College

Tenth – 15th April 2010   Is Business Aviation Green Enough to Survive?
Guy Lachlan, Chief Executive, British Business & General Aviation Association. CUED

Eleventh – 17th February 2011   Red Bull Air Racing
Major General Erich Wolf, General Manager, Red Bull Air Race.   Downing College

Twelfth – 16th February 2012 The Harrier – Unique in its Time
Air Chief Marshal Sir Clive Loader.   Downing College

Thirteenth – 7th February 2013   Flight Testing the A400
Ed Strongman, Chief Test Pilot Military, Airbus.   Downing College

Fourteenth – 13th February 2014 The F-35 Lightning II Programme
Air Vice-Marshal Malcolm Brecht, Chief of Staff for Capability, Air Command Headquarters. Downing College